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Why should you get a personal trainer? Because a personal trainer can effect a dramatic change to your lifestyle and therefore to your well being. Given the perceived expense (rates can vary widely depending on your trainer) and the effort that you will need to put into it, you may be unsure if personal training is right for you? Here is some information on how a personal trainer can benefit you.

The fact that you have come through to this page means you are probably thinking about the benefits of a personal trainer. But, what do you think you need help with? Improving your fitness levels; rehabilitation after an illness or operation; losing a few pounds; improving your general health; or even training for a marathon?

The benefit of personal training with experienced and qualified trainers is that he/she will:


  • assess your current level of fitness
  • consider your goals; and then
  • devise an individually tailored regime to help you achieve those goals quickly and safely.

Our instructors are fully qualified and professional, willing to motivate and encourage you, and provide you with a good program that will be both fun and challenging.

Personal training┬áis called personal training because it’s all about ‘one on one’ advice, guidance and motivation. The whole reason for paying for your own fitness trainer, is to get this attention and a training program that’s right for you.

But, why do you need one to one training?

Different people have personal trainers for different reasons. Some can’t work without a training partner, some have injuries that need careful monitoring and some people have specific goals like a marathon. Whatever the reason, a trainer will be dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and for the hour or two that you pay them – they are dedicated to only you.