Nutrition – Performance Food Coaching

“Let food be thy medicine” – Hippocrates 

Food coaching is changing lives:-


  • Pre-conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers, who are looking for optimum nutrition.
  • Athletes and sports performers, who want peak performance.
  • Happy, energetic and calm children, who want to develop naturally.
  • People wanting effective detoxification and permanent weight loss, without muscle loss.
  • People seeking Vitality, Longevity and Life Extension, using the latest ante-ageing tools.
  • Families, groups, teams and corporate institutions, who want energy, enthusiasm, motivation and harmony.

People wishing to combine foods, prescriptions and complementary medicines safely.

“Modern western societies tend to be overfed and undernourished.”

The body is a survival machine in the absence of distress, but it must be supplied with the healing nutrients.
Your energy, motivation and your ability to handle stress are mainly determined by the food you eat. Jeff has over 20 years experience in Pharmacy as a nutritional advisor, introducing clients to the foods that heal and promote well-being. He is very flexible and will adjust your menu plan, according to your changing needs, due to time pressures, stress, travel, and so on. He is there to support you, answer your questions and to inspire you.

Jeff shows you the tools and explains how they work so that your mind and body can start to function in an energetic, relaxed and healthy manner like nature intended them to.

So what is on offer?

  • Face to face consultations (Charges apply)
  • Telephone Coaching Programs
  • E-mail Support
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Seminars

So, if you are committed to your health and well-being and you want positive health outcomes, contact A Way To Fitness today and ask for Jeff. He is available for your convenience 9am-9pm Monday to Friday.