Advanced Fitness Techniques

The hardest part about exercising and keeping fit is taking that initial plunge. Once you've developed a structured routine, maintaining the good habits is easier. You will always have a million reasons to not get started (too busy, too tired, the gym is too far, don't know what foods to eat, etc). Well thanks to our website, you now have the perfect springboard to achieving and maintaining good fitness, health and well being.

'A Way To Fitness' provides a comprehensive list of categories aimed at maximising your health and fitness, such as personal training, massage therapy, weight management, nutrition, sports coaching and much much more. Based in Melbourne, Australia, our company provides you with information in numerous areas of health and fitness, and also has trained professionals willing to help you achieve your goals in the areas that you pursue.

For the latest nutritional and health information with some great ideas to improve wellbeing, we recommend checking out Health Helper.

Lose Weight and keep it off

Liposuction is a very evasive procedure. At Shrinc they offer non invasive treatments that will have you losing weight and keeping it off. You will get the same results as liposuction without the pain and risk of invasive surgery.

Calorie Counter Helps Dieting

If you're like most people trying to lose weight, you will want to ensure that you reduce your calorie intake. This can be hard as who knows just how many calories are in certain products? That's where a calorie counter comes into it. Find out exactly how many calories are in all food items, and create meal plans that restrict your calorie intake to a level that will help you lose weight. Shaperight has an excellent calorie counter that categorises foods into groups such as cereals, pasta, and wheats, meat, chicken and fish, dairy and eggs, fats and oils, and fruits and vegetables. You can easily find the specific item and add it to a database that calculates your entire calorie intake for any given meal. For more info visit

Message from the Food Coach

November 2009 - The effect of body acidity on our health

Excess body acidity (acidosis) is thought to be the first step towards premature aging, interfering with eyesight and memory, and creating wrinkling, age spots, dysfunctioning hormone systems, and a host of age related phenomena. Also, cancerous cells grow well in acidic mediums.

In fact, studies are confirming that body acidity is implicated in all diseases.

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