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The hardest part about exercising and keeping fit is taking that initial plunge. Once you’ve developed a structured routine, maintaining the good habits is easier. You will always have a million reasons to not get started (too busy, too tired, the gym is too far, don’t know what foods to eat, etc). Well thanks to our website, you now have the perfect springboard to achieving and maintaining good fitness, health and well being.

A Way To Fitness‘ provides a comprehensive list of categories aimed at maximising your health and fitness, such as personal trainingmassage therapyweight managementnutritionsports coaching and much much more. Based in Melbourne, Australia, our company provides you with information in numerous areas of health and fitness, and also has trained professionals willing to help you achieve your goals in the areas that you pursue.

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The Effect of Body Acidity on Health

Excess body acidity (acidosis) is thought to be the first step towards premature aging, interfering with eyesight and memory, and creating wrinkling, age spots, dysfunctioning hormone systems, and a host of age related phenomena. Also, cancerous cells grow well in...

Are you getting enough sleep?

Sleeping less? Feeling worse? Does sleep deprivation affect our health, our healing and our well-being?  We do know that sleep deprivation affects our mood and energy, but it also affects many other aspects of health, such as: - · Glucose intolerance, diabetes and...

The Safety of Mercury Amalgam Fillings

This month’s topic is “Silver (?) Amalgam Fillings” or “Mercury Amalgam Fillings (MAFs)”. Yes, these fillings are about 50% mercury. Mercury is the most toxic heavy metal known. Sources of mercury include:-   Silver amalgam fillings (50% mercury) Large species of...